Not all days are equal

When you are a stay at home mum, or SAHM as we are called on various parenting forums, there’s a risk that all days of the week blur into one. Now Sophie is at school we are in the weekday routine of school run followed by a few hours to ourselves then another school run, a couple of hours the three of us and then an hour with daddy when he gets home before bed. There are some days when I couldn’t tell you what day it was without some considerable thought.

I think the best way to stave off SAHM insanity is to get out and about to meet other parents and have some adult company.

When Imogen was born I signed up to go to baby massage classes, which were great (run by a lovely lady through the Daisy Baby Foundation but held in Kent), and it gave me the chance to chat to other mums with similar age babies about what was happening, what funny noises she was making that week and what she was or wasn’t doing developmentally. That also gave Wednesdays an identity, breaking up the week and giving me something to look forward to.

She’s too mobile for the classes now, so Tuesday is my new favourite day of the week. Through a cricket club friend I heard about a healthy walk that happens on a Tuesday morning in Robertsbridge. Every week at 9.30 a group meets by The George pub and we walk. It’s a great opportunity to get some exercise and meet some new people, and it ends back at the pub for coffee (or diet Coke) and a cake if you fancy it). As a new mum, as well as worrying about whether baby is eating/pooing/sleeping enough, there is the concern of losing your baby weight, and pushing a pram with a sleeping baby in up a hill is a great way to do that too, so it’s win-win on all fronts. It’s not just mums, there are some non-parents who just like walking and it’s been really interesting to meet them and also to find out more about the area. I have discovered hills that I never knew existed.

Sleeping in the buggy
Imogen has always loved sleeping in her buggy, or pram!

I look forward to Tuesday mornings, and not just because I know that Imogen loves to sleep in her buggy, but because it is some guaranteed adult company and half an hour sitting in a pub garden in the sunshine (not guaranteed!).

I enjoy my walks so much that I’m tempted to join another group as there are lots all over the county.


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