I do love to be beside the seaside


One of the reasons I love living where we do is the fact that we are only half an hour from the coast. I love being able to jump into the car and head south for a walk, whether it’s sunny or cloudy, I don’t care. So when I asked Sophie what she wanted to do and she said she wanted to take her scooter to Hastings I didn’t complain too much.

We parked up in West St Leonard’s and walked towards the pier, Imogen playing peekaboo with herself under her blanket and Sophie enjoying her scooter and the fresh air. With the sun shining, there is nowhere I would rather be, and at the west side of town it was nice and quiet so she could get the hang of the scooting without too much fear of bumping into too many people, especially not with her scabs.

We walked about a mile and a half before I persuaded her we really needed to turn around. She had her heart set on getting to the playground near the Stade, about another mile further along the coast!

She played on some of the play equipment on the way back to the car, something I think is a great idea. They are both crashed out asleep now after two hours in the fresh air, hopefully they’ll sleep all night!


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