Pox part two

The boating lake at Alexandra Park

Exactly two weeks after Sophie’s spots first appeared, Imogen came out in the pox. So far, four days in, she has been a bit sad; she definitely has more spots than Sophie did, but she’s been generally okay.

With the spots still not all scabbed over, I’m trying to avoid being around too many people, but still getting out a bit. So today we have been to Alexandra Park in Hastings for a walk and some fresh air. We had our sandwiches on the rug and managed to stave off the seagulls. I’ve spent many hours in the park as my in-laws used to live opposite, so it was an easy place to go and have a walk. I love it, it’s a beautiful park, and the improvement works that have been done over the last few years make it an even nicer place.

Imogen had a bit of an explore on the rug and enjoyed watching the squirrels and seagulls from her buggy. One day when both girls are spot-free I will take them down for lunch in the cafe and we can have a family walk.

Playing in AP
Imogen playing in Alexandra Park

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