You can take a girl away from the shops…

Moving from the outskirts of London to the countryside has definitely got many benefits, but one of the things I have had to adjust to is the effort it takes to get to shops now. From working in a town centre where there were all the big shops to a village with a tiny shop was a bit of a culture shock but I’m there now. When I know I need a few things I plan a trip and write a list of everything I need for a couple of weeks to save me having to drag the pram around the shops more often than is necessary.

Life without easy access to shops makes internet shopping even more appealing than it already was. Especially when the local sorting office to pick up any parcels I miss is only five minutes away and is usually quiet. Unlike the hell hole I used to have to visit before we moved. It’s easy to order online and then pick up in store when I’m next in town. And I am also enjoying my online supermarket shopping.

Clothes, fruit pouches for Imogen, shoes and birthday presents have all been ordered and delivered without any problems, with the fruit delivered to the Boots store in Robertsbridge and ready for collection the following day. It saved me dragging Imogen around the shops to find that what I wanted wasn’t in store but I also didn’t miss out on the bargains.

One of the things I do miss is the Amazon lockers. There used to be a locker in the shopping centre opposite my work. Now I have no idea where my nearest one is. But, as I am almost always at home, there’s less chance of me missing a delivery.


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