Keeping the reading going

Sophie enjoying one of my favourite childhood books – There’s A Hippopotamus On Our Roof Eating Cake

Sophie is an August baby so I have always been paranoid about how well she was going to do at school, and have been watching her progress very carefully during her first year at school. I’m pleased to say that she is getting on really well and her reading is excellent. I am worrying about keeping her enthusiastic over the summer holidays though.

So, using a good bit of bribery, we reached an agreement that for every book she read she could have a bit of money to go towards something of her own choosing. I’m going to sign her up to the library and make the effort to go and get new books every week so we always have something different to read, and will also sign her up for the Summer Reading Challenge which will give her extra rewards for reading.

I love a good book (although I barely have time to open one these days!) and I would love her to be as enthusiastic as I am. Imogen already loves a book and will happily help turn the pages while we’re reading to her.

East Sussex County Council runs the county’s libraries and is taking part in the Summer Reading Challenge. Visit for more information.


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