The summer is almost here

So, Sophie has eight days left at school before the holidays. Then I will have nine days with her and Imogen before we go on holiday. I’m trying to think of fun and interesting things to do with them both that aren’t going to bankrupt me!

I am actually contemplating a spreadsheet. Picnics, walks, scooter rides and trips to the park I think. And a couple of visits to the seaside. Bodiam Castle, Batemans, Bexhill and Hastings. And hopefully a few hours spent on the new trampoline!

One of the first trips will be to the library to register for the Summer Reading Challenge, to try and keep Sophie’s reading improving over the holidays. And a trip to the shops to buy birthday presents for daddy. I might also buy her a scrapbook that she can write in each day about the things we have done, to keep her practicing her writing, and to act as a keepsake for her at this wonderful age.

Have you any suggestions for things to occupy little ones (and not so little ones!) over the holidays? Or tips to keep me from going insane?!


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