Food for thought

Imogen tucking into her tea

I think I have now got enough activities to keep Sophie occupied over the summer holidays, but it suddenly dawned on me this afternoon that I’m also going to have to feed her for the holidays! She is the first year to benefit from free school meals for the whole of Key Stage One, so she’s been having a cooked lunch every day at school, meaning I know she’s generally eaten quite well and is happy to have a sandwich or ‘packed lunch’ for her tea.

So I’m on the hunt for one-year-old and five-year-old friendly easy food for tea. Imogen loves pasta, so I think macaroni cheese will feature, and chicken nuggets, maybe homemade pizzas and scrambled eggs.

Imogen isn’t keen on meat so I’m going to need to find some different recipes to get her eating some. The best way to get her to eat at the moment seems to be to let her eat off my plate, which can prove quite messy!.

If you have any suggestions for food, let me know! You can email, comment here, or Tweet me @esussexmummy


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