Three down, 29 to go!

So, three days into the school holidays and I’ve already heard enough ‘I’m not your best friend’ and ‘you’re not coming to my next birthday party’ to last me a lifetime. But we have had some fun, and Sophie has started her Summer Reading Challenge.

We went and joined the library in Heathfield on Wednesday and we spent a whole hour looking round while Sophie did a treasure hunt looking for pictures. She also insisted on borrowing ten books. I managed to negotiate her down to six for her and five for Imogen.

We also had a mini fashion show on Friday where she tried on her clothes so I could decide if they still fitted. And we’ve done lots of drawing and writing and playing games.

This week holds a trip to Bodiam Castle with family, Sheffield Park and Gardens with a friend and two days and a night without Ben. Next Saturday is Sophie’s fifth birthday too so lots of present sorting and cake buying too. Here’s hoping that the weather improves!


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