Making the most of membership

We have been making the most of the girls’ National Trust membership the last couple of days. Yesterday Sophie showed family around Bodiam Castle, near Robertsbridge, and today we went to Sheffield Park and Gardens to see an old school friend of mine whose parents now live on the Sussex coast.

Bodiam is a firm favourite as it only takes us about ten minutes to get there and with the membership it doesn’t matter if we are only there for an hour. Yesterday Sophie was happy to show off her knowledge of the castle, talking about the moat and how it would protect its residents, and being scared by the giant carp who live in the moat along with the slightly less scary ducks. We had a lovely walk, climb up the tower, and she really enjoys looking at all the different parts of the castle. But the costumed guides are always a worry for her.

Sheffield Park is about 50 minutes away, but it was equidistant and a good place to meet my friend for a walk and picnic. There is plenty of space for Sophie to run around safely and Imogen enjoys the trees and leaves. It is more spectacular in the autumn but it was still pleasant this afternoon. The play trail in the wood was a big hit with Sophie, although her legs were beginning to tire when we got there. She loved the big swing, and enjoyed testing her balance on the slackwire and the stepping stones. We will definitely be taking daddy when we next visit!

Rope swing
Sophie enjoying the rope swing at Sheffield Park and Gardens

We also collected lots of leaves and a big stick to make a story stick, as suggested by a primary school teacher friend. We haven’t stuck them to the stick yet, that’s probably a job for tomorrow!

The rest of the week will probably feature another trip to a library and possibly a trip to the seaside for a scooter ride and walk. Saturday is Sophie’s birthday so we will be having a family day in Hastings, wasting money on the arcades and throwing stones into the sea. Perfect family fun!


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