Holiday fun

Building sandcastles on St Ives beach

We are just back home in East Sussex after a week and a bit in Cornwall for some much needed family holiday time. While I’m not working as such, it’s a real relief to have two pairs of hands to manhandle the small people, as opposed to trying to do everything myself. And, with Sophie’s birthday just before we went away, we had lots of new games and toys to play with while we were away.

I can highly recommend Orchard Toys for all their games, but especially Pop To The Shops, which is now a firm favourite. I wanted something to help her learn about money and how it worked and that did the trick. She isn’t completely there, but after a few games and a bit of talking about how two ten pences make twenty and so on, we are getting there. She also got a time one which is also good but I suspect will be a grower when she knows more what she’s doing with a clock.

Both girls loved the sandy beaches and being in the sea, with Imogen making a beeline for the water whenever we put her down on a beach. Caked in sun cream they happily splashed and padded around for hours which was lovely. We love Cornwall for the beautiful beaches and for all the places you can go and explore. This year we did the gardens at St Michael’s Mount, which I haven’t been to before, and we also went to Lappa Valley, perfect for a five-year-old and one-year-old. There were three trains and lots of things to play on, and it all felt safe and clean (except for the child who threw their snow globe down a tube slide).

We have this week off with daddy, for some rare days at home. We had a walk in Battle this afternoon, and a play in the playground there, and Sophie got tickets to see Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom at the De La Warr Pavilion for her birthday, so we’re off to Bexhill for the morning and lunch tomorrow. And a grown up curry at Bay Spice in Hastings for Ben’s birthday on Thursday. It’s all exciting in the Collins household!


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