The end is nigh…

Uniform all ready for the new school year

The uniform is sorted, the shoes are polished, PE kit and book bag have been found and she’s having an early night. The long summer holidays are over and tomorrow Sophie starts her second year at school. In some ways I can’t believe it’s been six weeks. In some ways I can’t believe it’s only been six weeks; I feel like she’s been at home forever.

We’ve had a busy time off; filled with local and not so local days out and time at home. So, what have we achieved?!

Sophie has done everything on her list: we went on holiday and she’s been to the beach and playgrounds. She even managed a trip to see Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom.

And on my list? Well, Sophie can’t ride her bike without stabilisers and Imogen still won’t walk on her own. But Sophie has practiced her reading and completed the Summer Reading Challenge. I can’t say she read all the books all by herself but she tried with most of them.

I know that most of her clothes still fit, and we have tried a couple of different things for tea, including a home-topped pizza that has gone down quite well with both of them.

We have also learnt about money, thanks to Pop To The Shops, and we have had lots of walks.

She has also spent a lot of time (too much, I’m ashamed to admit) watching YouTube videos on the iPad. So I will be setting screen time limits and rules for the new term and sticking to them. But more about what I want to do now in the next blog….


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