New year’s resolutions

Battle Abbey
Battle is a lovely town to visit for a wander and is on my list to see more often this year

Before I had children I didn’t really understand how September could be the start of the year. Now I fully appreciate it and intend to make my own ‘new school year resolutions’.

The main one is going to be hard, but I want to limit Sophie’s screen time. Like I said in my last blog, she spends a lot of time watching videos on YouTube. Mostly, ironically, she watches LazyTown, which is all about getting up and being more active. So, she will be able to go to the playground after school or watch the iPad for half an hour as a maximum before she has to do her reading book or homework. Last year she was reading after tea and was struggling to concentrate because she was tired.

I also want to try to eat together as a family more, which will be a case of managing our time and meals better. As part of this, I would also like to eat more Sunday roasts as a family. Now the cricket season is finished we will have our Saturdays back so should have more time to do prep and shopping.

I’m also going to try to go to some different places with Imogen. We (I) have our favourite places to go but I want to do some more exploring and take her to some more child friendly places when she finally gets walking. I will brace myself for soft play adventures and family parks.

And I want to get back on the bandwagon with my diet and exercise. Everything is a little bit tighter after a few weeks off the exercise. I am very much looking forward to walking on a Tuesday morning and my weekly Zumba classes in the village.


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