Another lovely weekend

On the beach
Spending time on the beach. In October
Walking with her sister

I’m lucky that we have lots of lovely weekends. This was one of them.

A lazy Saturday morning followed by some shopping (window, mostly), and tea with family. This morning I suggested a trip to Bexhill to make the most of the last of the summer.

I was worried when it was 10 degrees in the car as we left, but by the time we arrived it was beautiful; clear blue skies and sunshine. We all ended up paddling in the sea. Imogen fell over and ended up on the beach just in her nappy. I love being able to pop down to see the sea on a whim and still having time at home to ourselves.

This afternoon we spent doing some of Sophie’s creative homework. We made a screwed up tissue paper collage and three shakers out of custard pots. Very productive.

We needed to make the most of the weather as it looks like rain and wind for the next few days.  Imogen and I will be spending our time doing inside things and I have made a list. Now she is fully mobile there are lots of things we can do.

We’re going to try Clambers in Hastings, we might go swimming, we’re going to go to the toddler group at the nursery by Sophie’s school and I’m going to try her at a gym group in the new year too. I’m also thinking about arts and crafts, and have got some arty things in mind for Christmas presents.


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