Seeing things differently

It’s funny how things we take for granted often seem strange or exciting to small people.

Sophie was watching Paddington and was very scared that something bad was going to happen to the bear, which made me smile. I gave her a cuddle and asked if she thought Uncle Tom would buy her a DVD if something bad happened in it. Trying to reassure her that films generally have happy endings felt a bit strange as it’s something we tend to take for granted as grown ups. Imogen is the same about other, more simplistic things, she squeals with delight at almost anything funny and is still happily waving at random strangers, excited about the fact she can wave at all.

Their excitement and lack of world knowledge is lovely, and, I know it’s a cliche, but it makes me think that I really should appreciate the little things more; both their reactions and the things they are excited or scared about.

DVD watching
Sophie watching Paddington

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