Seeking inspiration

I’m starting to lose myself in Pinterest ideas

I apologise if I’m years behind the times, but I’m suddenly very into Pinterest. There are some great ideas for all sorts of things: kids’ rooms, beautiful hairstyles that I can only aspire (dream) of having time and skill to achieve, nail art designs and inspiration for PTA activities and recruitment.

I can happily lose an hour in an evening imagining scenarios where I have the time to sort out the girls’ playroom and bedrooms into some of the rooms I have pinned (I think that’s the term?!). So many wonderful ideas for book dens that I know Imogen would love, and storage solutions that might mean I can see the floor in the playroom and the lounge can be an adult space again.

With Christmas just around the corner, I’ve just started my festive board and will be filling it with activities and ideas for presents, craft ideas (that I will probably never actually do) and general pretty things.

If you have any suggestions for people to follow or things to search for, please let me know! Email me or @esussexmummy on Twitter.


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