Family time

My family
Me, my dad, my mum and my sister

One of the reasons we moved to Sussex was so we could spend more time at home and less time on the road visiting family. With me coming from Yorkshire and Ben from Hastings, when we lived in west London we were spending almost every weekend travelling either two hours south or five hours north, with very little time to be ourselves or do things in our own home. Moving south meant Ben could play lots of cricket with the team he knows and enjoys, and it meant we would have space for my family to come and stay with us so the longer journeys north could happen less often.

And, with that pre-amble and context setting over, I’ve just realised that it’s more than six months since we spent a weekend without seeing any of our extended family. Every weekend since mid-April (possibly longer but I can’t verify it) we have spent at least some time with a parent, sibling, grandparent or aunt or uncle. And most of those weekends we have seen lots of them all at once.

Collins clan
The Collins clan in its entirety!

I love my family, and my girls love spending time with them all too (although Imogen would choose to have them in several small groups rather than one massive group!) but it has been lovely to spend some time as just the four of us this weekend. The most surprising thing about the fact we have spent so much time with family is that we haven’t spent much time away from home to see them so much. Just another reason why I’m so happy to be in East Sussex.


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