Even when you think you know what you’re doing….you don’t.

So, Sophie has been asking about dancing classes for months, and the nagging got worse after her cousin started going. I managed to remember to ask (she was tugging on my sleeve demanding at the time one of my friends walked past) and got her signed up to start after October half term. It was all she talked about, she was really excited about going and I was excited for her.

The first week I went and stayed for most of the lesson, until I had had enough of trying to stop Imogen from joining in, the second week I dropped her off and went shopping and returned. The third week the aforementioned friend picked her up from school and took her, and I went to collect her. On the way home she announced that she didn’t want to go again. Shock and horror, I just put it down to the fact I hadn’t taken her. But every time I’ve mentioned it in the last week she’s said she doesn’t want to go any more and that it’s too long.

I didn’t mention it this morning, thinking she might talk to the other girls at school and be excited about it. Apparently not. She does not want to go. Just to prove that even when I think I know what she’s thinking and what she enjoys, I really don’t. Maybe we’ll try again when she’s a bit older; she’s having a bit of a phase at the moment of being clingier than usual, I don’t know what that’s all about. If she’s like this at five, I dread to think what she’s going to be like at 13!


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