A busy month

 Imogen’s naps have been the perfect time for me to do some freelance work

Last month was busier than usual as alongside my mummy role, I’ve also been doing some freelance work for my old council, writing some bi-annual publications. Any time Imogen went to sleep for most of November, I turned the laptop on and was writing. And I enjoyed it. It was a bit hectic trying to squeeze it all in, but it has made me feel a bit more useful and fulfilled. And, of course, the extra money has been much appreciated just before Christmas.

Earning some money and spending some time being me rather than just mummy has made me feel like I want to do more of it. But, as most mums know, balancing work and home life can be a logistical nightmare and it gives me a headache just to think about it. I love being able to do the school run and be so involved with Sophie’s school life, and I’ve really enjoyed spending so much time at home with Imogen, watching her learn and grow.

I’m lucky that we can afford for me not to work, but it’s not just about the money. It’s about me feeling like me, rather than just mummy, and feeling like I’m contributing something. Which feels a bit contradictory as surely I’m contributing one of the biggest things for my girls, being there for them? Or would the little one benefit from being at nursery and learning social skills like sharing and making friends? I guess that’s where the free hours of childcare come in, so children can have some exposure to their peers before they start school. Regardless of what happens to me job wise, she will be going to nursery for her free hours when she turns three. I know what a boost being at nursery was for Sophie and her confidence, and just watching Imogen at playgroup I can see that she would love the interaction with other children.

So, not only have I been busy with work, but I’m also full of parental guilt, which I guess I will be for the rest of their lives?!


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