Back to normality

I might sound a bit Scrooge-like when I say this, but I’m really looking forward to getting back into the normal routine of January. I genuinely love Christmas, especially now Sophie is five and old enough to be excited (waking up at 4.20am on Christmas Eve!!) about Santa and presents, but I have always been glad to get back to normal in January. It’s always nice not to overindulge and to have some down time.

 Imogen and I will be doing some good playing in the new year!

I’m excited about some time alone with Imogen to play with her new toys, and I’m going to be making a concerted effort to spend more time playing with her and being creative. Santa brought her some toddler crayons and a messy play mat for Christmas so there are no excuses! And now she has her puddlesuit and wellies we can go splashing in some puddles while Sophie is at school.

I’ve always been rubbish at sticking to any New Year’s Resolutions but I will be trying to make some changes.

Less time for the grown ups on phones and tablets, and less screen time for Sophie too. Ben and I had a lovely evening playing a game of Monopoly with a glass of wine and a beer, I’m beginning to think it should be a regular occurrence. I would also like to spend more time writing, whether it’s on here, or on something else.


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