Sleep. Or lack of it.

This kind of scene doesn’t seem to be happening much at the moment

One thing people don’t tell you before you have your second child is that if you have problems in the night with one of them, it’s likely that the other one will wake up.

It’s something that makes me paranoid, especially with Sophie at school now. So, with Imogen going through a phase of struggling to stay asleep, I have been dreading her being woken up, and it happened last night.

She’s also got a new teacher for this term which I think is also on her mind. For the first time in years she has been getting out of bed in an evening and she’s not been totally happy at school.

As I’ve said before, just as you think you’ve got everything under control and you know what’s happening, something crops up to spoil and disrupt the balance. Being a parent is non-stop guessing!

And not sleeping through the night for more than a couple of days at a time if Imogen hasn’t anything to do with it!

Since Christmas she hasn’t been happy to go to bed without me staying with her, and when she’s woken in the night she hasn’t been able to settle herself again, regardless of whether she’s in our bed or in her cot. Hopefully it’s just a phase and normal service will be resumed shortly.


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