Appreciating modern technology

imageWe’ve been in East Sussex for more than 18 months now, and I love almost everything about our life here. There are several things that have changed since we moved, some life ones, like Sophie starting school, and other smaller changes. One thing I have noticed is how different the bookmarks look on my phone since we’ve moved. Whereas I used to have pairs of shoes, or clothes that I liked, I now have tide timetables and baby weighing clinic details.

I’ve also come to appreciate how useful online shopping can be, whether it’s ordering for collection in store, or ordering for home delivery. The latter used to be a no-no before we moved as it meant spending about half an hour of of my precious day off in a sorting office queue. And the ability to order to collect in store is a wonderful thing. When you’re half an hour away from any sizeable shops, it’s annoying to make a trip to get something to find it’s out-of-stock. Now I can shop away online without having to squeeze a pushchair through tiny aisles or worry about getting there for things to be unavailable. I then do a mass collection trip when it all arrives. Everything from fruit pouches for weaning to sparkly Christmas shoes has been ordered to collect.


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