Highs and lows

I’ve been trying to spend some time with Sophie on her own this weekend

Sophie has been very hard work the last few weeks. The 5.15am starts aren’t helping, neither are her strops and generally ignoring me whenever I ask her to do anything. Combine that with an active 19 month old and a husband who has been stressed with work since Christmas and I’ve been tearing my hair out at points.

But. She had me in tears of proudness this afternoon when she was practicing rusing her bike. She borrowed her younger cousin’s balance bike when we were out on the seafront in St Leonard’s yesterday and finally got the concept of balancing. So half an hour of practicing in the park and on our quiet cul-de-sac and she was pretty much sorted.

But. She then had a meltdown refusing to go food shopping because she needed a break after all her cycling exertions.

A post on Facebook suggested I try love bombing, which essentially means spending some time alone with her whenever I can to make sure she has some attention, so we’re going to be building that into as many weekends or days as possible. Yesterday we played one of her favourite Orchard Toys games and today we did some painting. And, of course, lots of praise for her bike riding.


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