Lent update….

So I’m ten days into my Lent challenge. I’m quite proud of myself so far. I have restrained myself when the husband was eating the chocolate hearts I bought him for Valentine’s Day and while he ate an amazing looking chocolate brownie sundae (I was eating salted caramel and toffee ice cream at the time!).

I have slipped up once though. I helped myself to a spoonful of Imogen’s Coco Pops before realising what I had done. Upon discussions with my fellow chocolate-giver-uppers I was forgiven as we decided the chocolate content of Coco Pops was probably quite low. But I do now have my brain more in gear around what I’m doing and what other people are eating.

So far I’m finding it fine, but it is giving me a small insight into life with an allergy. There are a surprising amount of things that contain chocolate, and I’m consciously thinking before I eat (especially after the Coco Pop incident). I also haven’t substituted too unhealthily yet, either. The odd Haribo as a something sweet when I needed an unnatural sugar kick, but generally I’ve managed to swap for fruit. We’ll see how the next few days go….


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