Another personal challenge

Hopefully these will be looking a bit more loved in June.

I’m proud of myself for how well I’m doing on my no chocolate Lent (not a taste has crossed my lips since the unfortunate Coco Pops incident), so I thought I needed another challenge to tackle.

I’ve threatened to sign up for Race For Life several times, but something has always got in the way. But last night I took the plunge and entered. So, between now and Sunday 12 June I need to get myself prepared to run 5k.

On the website, there is a handy list of different walks or ways you can cover 5,000 metres. I know it isn’t a long way, and I know that I could walk it easily if needs be but I don’t want to have a half-hearted attempt, I want to tackle this properly and run.

I think the biggest obstacle I face, like many mums, might be finding the time around the girls to fit in some actual running. I haven’t run outside for several months (unless you count running after small people determined to escape!), and last time I did I barely managed five minutes. In my defence, my dad was leading me down and up some hills which wasn’t my idea of fun. I have been using the Wii fit game to run inside, but closing the lounge curtains and running for 20 minutes while watching television isn’t quite the same as actually pounding the pavements. But I’ve been reassured that the evenings will soon be light enough for me to go out for half an hour when the husband is home from work and before the girls go to bed.

Running will also have the added benefit of increasing my step count on my Fitbit, which I got for my birthday. I’m determined to hit my 10,000 steps more frequently and every little helps with that goal.

And, of course, I will be raising money to help Cancer Research, a charity doing work that is close to my heart for many reasons. If you want to donate, and I would be very grateful if you do, please visit my Just Giving page –


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