One year later

Looking back at the coastline from the end of Hastings Pier

So I started this blog a year ago today, and it’s two years since we moved to East Sussex and I started my life as an East Sussex mummy.

Lots has changed since we moved, and I’ve learnt lots about myself and the area.

I still feel like this is the best move we could have made; a sunny Sunday on the newly renovated Hastings Pier, an afternoon trip to watch cricket at Robertsbridge, a walk with good friends on a sunny Tuesday morning, all reasons I love being here.

Sophie is settled at school and has lots of friends, I have made friends with many of the mums at school and Imogen is growing up enjoying life by the seaside and in the countryside.

There are things I miss about our ‘old’ life, but they are mostly materialistic and actually not that important. The days when I miss things like closer shops are far outweighed by the days when I have to bite my tongue to stop myself saying ‘this is why we moved here!’

Looking at the photos of our house the day we moved in, we haven’t made much progress on my Long Term House List, but it is what it says, long term, and we intend on staying here for a long time. I have no desire to be anything other than an East Sussex mummy from now on.


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