This delightfully unflattering photo shows the culmination of several months of training

So, this morning I completed my first Race For Life. It was incredibly wet and cold but I made it round and managed to run almost all of it and complete it in 35 minutes and 35 seconds.

Running with lots of people was certainly a different experience to running on my own; trying to weave my way around some walkers and puddles was interesting and sometimes frustrating, but I enjoyed the atmosphere and the boost of having a crowd to cheer me home made the last few metres easier.

I’m currently sitting on the sofa with very achy calves (for some reason they decided to hurt on Friday morning, despite me not doing anything strenuous all week to ensure they were fresh for today) but I am contemplating signing up for the 10k for next year. I enjoyed the challenge (and the ability to eat more cake) and it’s great to do something to support such a great cause.

In the nearer future, I’m going to try to get to a parkrun more regularly. My record in the two I’ve completed so far has not been good, so I can only improve!

I can’t see myself running marathons but I definitely want to keep up my short distances. Half an hour to myself with my iPod is a rare treat these days, and it’s becoming something I actually enjoy. So, watch this space, those pink shoes might be pounding some more pavements near you!


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