So far, so good

Enjoying some water play in the garden

Barring yesterday morning where I was certain both girls were determined to kill themselves while I had a shower, the first three weeks of the summer holidays have actually been quite pleasant. However, I’ve only had them to myself for six days of those three weeks.

In a wild moment yesterday I said we would get some water out and play with cups and jugs in the garden. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do with Imogen for months but haven’t done. It obviously piqued Sophie’s interest because she was very keen to get it all ‘set up’ while Imogen had her nap this lunchtime. As I type they are filling jug after jug from the outside tap and pouring it into an overflowing washing up bowl. I am trying not to be too twitchy about the sodden grass around the bowl, but also realising why I haven’t done this before. I can, however, see this activity taking up quite a lot of this afternoon, and it’s also something I could easily transfer inside in cold or wet (!) weather. Luckily neither of them are too worried about getting wet, something we learnt on our family holiday!


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