The low-tech things that make me smile

My girls absolutely love spending time with their great grandparents. And they are lucky to have two of them at 86 and 90.
Tea with granny was a huge part of Ben’s life when he was growing up, a Sunday evening tradition, and while we don’t go every week anymore, we do have tea there quite regularly.
This afternoon’s entertainment was a big bag of hats in various styles. Sophie paraded in the lounge wearing the hats while great granny commentated on them with a narration from her life and where and when the hats are worn. We all sat there wearing a hat from a different time in great granny’s life and it kept Sophie and Imogen very amused.
Once the fashion show had finished Sophie found some ping pong balls and entertained herself putting backspin on them and bringing them back to her.
It’s always reassuring that despite insisting that she can’t live without the iPad, she is perfectly happy playing with low-tech things too.


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