Making that Christmas feeling

Sophie’s first draft of her Christmas list

It’s less than ten weeks to Christmas, which is a scary thought. Sophie has already written the first draft of her Christmas list (see photo!) most of which I had to get her to decipher (it includes a unicorn!), there are cards in the shops and I’ve even begun the shopping.

This year Christmas for me will be a bit different. It will be my first one without my Grandma, and it will be the first one since my parents moved out of the village where I lived from the age of four to 18, the place I’ve always called home. With that in mind, I’ve been thinking hard about some new things for us to do as a family, to make our own traditions and make ‘our’ Christmas.

We will go to the school Christmas fair, to the carol singing and village shop light switch on, we’ll go and pick a live Christmas tree and decorate it. We will leave our stockings by the fireplace (because Sophie doesn’t want Santa to go in her bedroom) on Christmas Eve and leave a plate of goodies for Santa and Rudolph. We will watch Elf and listen to Christmas music (from 1 December only), and we will visit garden centres to enjoy their Christmas displays. And we will do one of my favourite things, go to a Christmas service with family in London.

The chances of a white Christmas are slimmer here than they were in Yorkshire, but hopefully my girls will grow up knowing and loving our Christmas traditions as much as I fondly remember the ones of my childhoods.


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