Crafty Monday

So today we were unable to get to our usual playgroup so I thought I would fill some of the day making some salt dough Christmas trees with Imogen’s fingerprints as the lights. I’ve seen them on Pintrest and they look lovely and nice and easy to make.

Imogen enjoyed helping me mix the flour amd salt together with the water to make dough. And she enjoyed the kneading and rolling. Then I got the paint out. True to form it only took 30 seconds before she was covered in paint and then the dough ended up in the water I gave her to wash her hands.

So chaos ensued and I was left remembering why I don’t do crafts at home!

We managed one half successful Christmas tree. I’m going to tidy the mess and try again. I’ll update….

Update…Some success. They’re going in the oven. 


One thought on “Crafty Monday

  1. I love the concentration on Imogen’s face. Sylvia would have put the dough in the water too!! It always seems a good idea before hand to do something arty but 5 minutes in I remember why we don’t do it more often! They look great though!! May try it with Sylvia…

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