Winter walks

It was really cold today, but clear blue skies and sunshine made it the perfect day for a walk. Imogen and I made the most of it this afternoon with a trip just over the border to Bedgebury Pinetum. 

Imogen had a play on the playground and then we headed off to see the Gruffalo. She fell asleep before we made it and I got to enjoy the peace of the forest walking round as she slept. I did wish I had worn my gloves though, I was losing the feeling in my fingers as we walked.
Bedgebury is lovely for a walk, but in my opinion, it is expensive unless you are a member. Strictly speaking it is in Kent, but as it’s only five minutes up the road, we go there lots, so membership is definitely worth it for us. Imogen and I go there lots. She loves the play areas and I like getting some freah air and getting to my 10,000 steps a day goal. It is also usually very quiet on a school day, we only saw about three other groups of people while we were out this afternoon. You almost feel like you have the whole forest to yourselves.
*I have not been paid or rewarded for writing this post, we have been Friends of Bedgebury since December 2014.


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