Overactive imaginations

It’s always worrying when you drop your children off at school and a member of staff says they want to talk to you. I was dubious when one of the Teaching Assistants at Sophie’s school stopped me this morning and said she would talk to me on the way out.

She has an overactive imagination

Apparently Sophie had been telling people that her brother had been eaten by a lion in Africa and she had found out about it on the news yesterday morning. Excellent. She was getting lots of sympathy from all her friends because she was sad. She was so convincing that it was very believable, and the TA was thinking what an awful thing this was to have happened. Clearly Sophie wasn’t that close to her brother as she couldn’t tell the TA what his name was!
I suppose it’s not the worst story she could have told, and it gave us a laugh on a very cold morning. Ironically she spent most of the weekend at home talking about her brother Joe who was coming home from Africa on an aeroplane.

What is the funniest or craziest story your little ones have ever told? Let me know below, please!


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