Countdown to Christmas!

When I was growing up my Dad would never let us play Christmas music until 1 December, and that’s something I try to instill in my girls. The husband had Christmas music playing a couple of days early but I let him get away with it.

I feel like the Christmas countdown can start now, though. We helped out at Sophie’s school Christmas Fair on Friday afternoon, where Sophie was brave enough to go into the grotto to meet the big man himself.

Meeting Father Christmas at the school Christmas Fair
Father Christmas in his grotto

We also enjoyed a festive quiz on Friday evening, and have been over to Sheffield Park and Gardens to see their Christmas Tree Walk this afternoon. It is also the switch on of our village Christmas lights this evening, which is always lovely.

A decorated Christmas tree at Sheffield Park and Gardens

The girls are also enjoying their three advent calendars. We have a chest of drawers that we fill each night for them to open, a normal chocolate one and I have been on Pintrest and found some Santa pictures they can stick a cotton wool ball onto each day to make a full beard by Christmas. The first balls were pulled off in super quick time so the pictures are now on a higher shelf!

Once the girls are in bed this evening we will be getting out all the presents we have bought to check what we have and what we still need to buy. Hopefully my list is accurate and the shopping is almost done. I need to make a start on the mountain of wrapping….


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