Terrible twos

I’ve always said that Imogen is lovely company. She was a much easier baby than Sophie was, and has been lots of fun to be with on my extended maternity leave. However, over the last few days it’s like she’s flicked a switch and turned into some sort of nightmare child. It must be the late onset of the terrible twos.

Tantrums all round!
She looks like butter wouldn’t melt but she’s a nightmare!

Over the last few days we’ve had more tantrums than the last six months. 

She had an epic meltdown at bedtime on Friday because we wouldn’t let her take her pyjama top off. She screamed and kicked so much I thought she was going to be sick and the only thing I could do to calm her down was take the top off. Once she had calmed down (and cooled down) she handed me the offending item and said ‘on’.

On Sunday she threw a wobbly when we left a toy shop. Everytime she got put back on the floor she turned and bolted in the direction of the shop. We had to strap her, kicking and screaming, into her buggy to get her away. This was after kicking Sophie in the head for no reason as we were laid in bed before we got up.

And today, at playgroup, she pushed a much younger boy off a slide and he bumped his head. I had to have eyes on her constantly, whereas she’s usually the one being pushed around. It made the whole experience far less enjoyable for me.

I’ll admit that I don’t know what to do with her. I’m hoping it’s a phase and that she’ll grow out of it. She doesn’t have many words, and sorry isn’t one of them so getting her to apologise doesn’t happen. I’m not a big fan of the naughty step but it might have to be introduced. I’ve been getting down to her level and talking to her calmly and asking if she thinks what she’s doing is nice or bad but mostly to no avail.

This behaviour phase has also coincided with her refusing to go to sleep on her own, meaning one of us has to sit with her until she’s asleep and when she wakes in the night we have to do the same. As I type I’m sitting on the sofabed in her room listening to her breathing and hoping she’s asleep. All in all, almost two and a half isn’t treating us very well at the moment. Here’s hoping that just over two and a half is better…

Do you have any suggestions for behaviour management? Or funny tantrum stories from your little ones? Comment below or let me know on Facebook or Twitter!


One thought on “Terrible twos

  1. […] In the last couple of weeks she has wanted to sit on the potty without her nappy on, which I’ve let her do, but she hasn’t done anything. I figure the more comfortable she is, the better. But I am bracing myself for her to decide, probably in the coldest week of the early new year, that she does not want to wear nappies any more. Running around bare legged and bottomed in the middle of February is a lot less appealing than doing it in May or June. But her stubborn streak is strong and she knows her own mind, so once she’s decided, that will be that. (See for more on tantrums!) […]


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