Potty training. Part one.

This story won’t be complete in one post. Hence the part one. But Imogen seems to be getting keener to use the potty so it is playing on my mind a bit.

I haven’t pushed her at all, she is almost two and a half, and I know lots of younger children who are dry, but I also know that Sophie was almost three before she was. So I’ve never been in a hurry to get Imogen to use a potty or the toilet. Obviously she accompanies me several times a day, whether I like it or not, so she is more than aware of what’s happening. The loud shouts of ‘mummy poo’ whenever we are in a public toilet confirm that. She is also an expert at handing me paper and making sure I wash my hands. But she is not showing any real interest in coming out of nappies.

In the last couple of weeks she has wanted to sit on the potty without her nappy on, which I’ve let her do, but she hasn’t done anything. I figure the more comfortable she is, the better. But I am bracing myself for her to decide, probably in the coldest week of the early new year, that she does not want to wear nappies any more. Running around bare legged and bottomed in the middle of February is a lot less appealing than doing it in May or June. But her stubborn streak is strong and she knows her own mind, so once she’s decided, that will be that. (See for more on tantrums!)

What I have done is buy her some knickers for Christmas. They’ve got Peppa Pig on them so I hope she’s keen to wear them when she gets there. And when she does seem ready I will have both potties on the go, one in the lounge and one in the downstairs toilet, for easy access. And the toilet seat and step will have to be located too. I also need to buy more stain remover spray to deal with accidents.

So, for now, that’s that. Any tips please let me know!


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