2016 lessons

The last 12 months has flown by, I am struggling to believe that it is actually almost 2017. And, at the grand old age of 32, I am definitely still learning. So, what has 2016 taught me?

I like running. If you had tried to tell me that this time last year I would have laughed in your face. But after losing my grandma in March I had the motivation to complete Race for Life in June (see here), and I have discovered an unknown fondess for running. For 2017 I want to keep running and stretch my stamina so I can run further. I won’t be setting any speed records, but if it means I can eat an extra biscuit it’s worth it!

My aim is to be able to run 10k, and to keep running throughout the year. I also want to get to more parkruns. I’ve done two so far, one very much worse for wear during a hen do and my first where I got awful pins and needles in my feet. So there’s definitely a parkrun PB in there too!

I can run! And I can sew!
My learning points from 2016 – running and sewing

Cross stitch has featured in 2016 as a hobby, and one that I want to continue in 2017. I’ve very much enjoyed getting my threads out and creating some lovely presents for family and friends. I’ve been doing some tweeting/Facebook on that side of things here and here. I might even expand my creativity with some inspiration from pintrest.
I am now comfortable as myself. I bravely bought new glasses out of my comfort zone early in 2016 and it suddenly dawned on me that I was comfortable in myself for the first time in my 32 years. Long may that continue!

So, here’s to 2017 and all that it holds.


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