Blue job? Pink job?

I’ve always said that when I go back to work we will have to get a cleaner. I don’t want to spend precious time I could be with the girls doing boring jobs like cleaning. And I hate it, so any excuse not to do it is a good one. 

It’s amazing the amount of household jobs that need doing. How do you split the housework or jobs in your home? I’ve had a few conversations recently about this. In our household the chores are split into blue jobs and pink jobs. A shout of ‘blue job!’ occurs on a semi-regular basis, mostly when I want to avoid doing something like emptying the bin, which is one of my least favourite jobs.

Other than emptying the bins, blue jobs include washing the cars, mowing the grass and mopping floors. Pink jobs are dishwasher, washing, washing up, most of the cooking, and most of the childcare including cooking and shopping for clothes/shoes.

I was talking to a stay-at-home dad at a playgroup and he was telling me how the jobs in his house have changed since he became a SAHD. He said that all the jobs that were blue are still blue, but lots of the ones that were pink are now blue too. I guess that as a SAHP you are in the house more, and therefore more likely to need to do the jobs, or (in theory) have more time to do the jobs. I find myself emptying bins more often now I am at home, but if it is very full or very disgusting it gets left as a blue job.

There are also some mauve jobs; those that aren’t clearly defined. So, in the SAHD’s case clearing his wife’s hair out of the plughole was a blue job but maintenance of her hair generally was a pink job. (I suggested this was probably because the plughole counted as plumbing and anything plumbing related is definitely a blue job.)

So, what are your blue and pink jobs? Are there more mauve ones in your household?


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