Review – Urban Jump

I’d heard before Christmas of a new trampoline centre and soft play opening in Heathfield, and as today was so grey and yuck, we decided to give it a go.

We arrived at about 10.30am, despite attempts by roadworks and fog to get me lost, and it was almost empty. There was plenty of parking, a benefit of being on an out of town industrial estate.

First impressions are good, it is clean and modern, with what I guess is ‘edgy’ font on the walls. The soft play area is quite small, but for two and a half year old Imogen, it was fine, as she could manage to climb everywhere on her own. For £3.50 the size didn’t bother me, although it will get busy and crowded quickly as word spreads, I imagine. I also like the fact I didn’t have to pay to go in myself, something which always grates.

Imogen enjoying Urban Jump
Urban Jump soft play was a success!

Imogen played happily with the other children (including another Imogen!), exploring the different levels and the very slidey slide. All of which meant I could enjoy a drink (which was reasonably priced at £1.50 for a Diet Coke) and a quick catch up on social media without interruptions. 
There are different sections, with bridges, steps, a ball and soft block pit, and some soft climbing steps and standalone shapes for the children to play on.

Having a slide
Imogen loved the slide

The tables and chairs are close enough to the action that the children are always visible, and any urgent rescues wouldn’t be too tricky. There’s also a range of table sizes and chairs, so you could sit with friends and have a catch up while the children play, but you don’t have to take up a whole table if you come on your own.
I was very impressed with our first visit, and we will be back again. It will be interesting to see how busy it gets as the word gets out. My husband is also keen to try out the trampolines, which I expect Sophie would enjoy as well.

Visit Urban Jump to find out more.

*I did not receive any payment for this review, I paid the £3.50 entrance fee and for my drink.


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