Not a bookworm, yet…

Sophie is almost seven. And she is reading above her reading age. But trying to get her to read is hard work. As my mum says, she doesn’t get the enjoyment out of reading that I used to do. It would appear she has inherited my reading skill but her dad’s interest in reading. So I am always on the look out for books that will interest her and inspire her to read more.

Sophie is a capable reader, but doesn’t love it

She’s got six or seven Roald Dahl books. She’s started them all and got bored after a few pages. She’s started some of My Naughty Little Sister (because we laughed about how her sister was also naughty!), and has read all her ‘baby’ books to herself or Imogen.
So, suggestions for books for an almost seven-year-old girl please. She pooh-poohed most of my suggestions last night, The Worst Witch, Winnie the Pooh, Flat Stanley…what am I missing?! 


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