Unhelpful husbands 

Anyone else have a husband who is sometimes less than helpful? Good, it’s not just me then!

Among the more recent unhelpfulness includes telling a stubborn Sophie who didn’t want to go for a walk that we might see Queen Elsa there because Bexhill is where she has her holidays when she isn’t ruling Arendelle. Sure, it got her out of the house and we had a nice walk. But that walk was punctuated by her repeatedly asking where Elsa’s holiday house was and why we hadn’t found her yet. And that would be bearable for one walk. But they both have memories for things like this. Imogen asked yesterday as we walked in Bexhill ‘Elsa Anna here? Elsa Anna house here?’. Hmmmm.

He once offered to help blend some carrots for Sophie when she had just started weaning. He didn’t put the lid on the blender.

And, the action that has prompted this post…the girls found my gym ball earlier this week and decided they wanted it inflating. I said no. It’s large and bouncy and will break things. So he gets home from work and sees the gym ball out of its box and decides it will be great to inflate. He did it when the girls were in bed and now they think there’s someone inside it and that rolling it around the house is the best game ever.

So, what are your husband (or boyfriend/wife/girlfriend/partner’s) most unhelpful moments?!


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