The one-day weekends start here

The one-day weekends that make up my summer officially start this week. From now until early September we cram all our weekend activities into a Sunday while the husband plays cricket on a Saturday. And, as is usually the case, the weather has turned for it. I can only remember one opening to the season being warm, and it was too warm. I took refuge under a shady tree for most of the game as temperatures reached about 30 degrees. No such luck this Saturday, I fear.

So, once again we will be touring the recreation grounds of East Sussex and rating them on the quality of their playgrounds. Or at least, the girls will be. My opinion of grounds is based around the number of spiders in the toilet. Pre-children it would have involved the quality of the rose in the post-game pub but no longer.

This year we have the added jeopardy of having a smaller car so packing will become an art; how much picnic can be packed into a lunchbox, and how small can three camping chairs be made. I’m just hoping for some wins this year so at least I’ll have a happy husband for the journey home!


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